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Newfoundland and Labrador Wildlife Federation

Constitution and By-laws


The articles contained herein and such amendments as shall be made from time to time, shall comprise the constitution of the N.L.W.F. and may hereinafter be referred to by the short title of "The Constitution".


Article I

The name of the organization shall be the Newfoundland and Labrador Wildlife Federation, Hereinafter referred to as the Federation.


Article II

The Federation shall have and posses exclusive jurisdiction over the affairs of the Federation and may enact Articles, rules and regulations for its own management and control.

Where a dispute arises over any interpretation of this constitution between annual meetings, the office of the president will be deemed to have final interpretation without challenge from any source.

Emblem or Crest

Article III

The Federation may, from time to time, adopt such a badge or emblem as may be decided upon with power to vary the same.


Article IV

(a) The purpose of the Federation shall be to promote, foster and protect the interests of the sportsmen of this province.

(b) To gather, exchange and or compile information to form a united action for the promotion and conservation of fish, game and other wildlife resources.

(c) To promote the wise use of our renewable natural resources and monitor environmental changes that may reflect on that resource.

(d) To support on exchange of information between all affiliated members of the Federation and to encourage the formation of Rod and Gun Clubs and conservation organizations in the province.

(e) To affiliate, co-operate and make common effort with any organization when the best interests of the Federation and its members are thereby thought to be served.

(f) To do other such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to attainment of the above objectives, and which may best promote the morale and intellectual interests of the members of the Federation.

(g) To promote and encourage the observance of all fish, game, and wildlife laws and regulations; to aid all protection officers in the discharge of their duties.

(h) To encourage the passing of such fish and game laws as shall be for the best interests of the province.

(i) To create in the public mind a better appreciation of the values of fish and game in the province and to try to hold educational meetings and gatherings designed to further the public knowledge of fish, game, forests, lakes, and streams.

(j) To assist, work with and support other organizations, having similar or allied objectives.

(k) To promote good sportsmanship, the respect of property rights and a close co-operation and mutual friendship with all the residents of the province interested in having to do with fish and game.

(l) To support and encourage the education of youth in all the aims and objectives of the Federation.


Article V


Membership in the Federation shall be classified as follows:

(A) Memberships

1. Active Membership

Clubs or Organization


2. Associate Members

3. Honorary Members

Voting Privileges

(i) Three (3) celegates v»'* per Club or Organization in good standing. (ii) One vote per paid member No Vote

Title given for outstanding post service (no voting privelege)   Those present honorary member exempt from vote above .

To become an honorary member it must pass a 3/4 majority executive vote.

Only one (1) person is exempt from an executive vote, that is the position of honorary Director (Female) to be elected at the AGM and is subject to the condition of honorary positions.



Membership list

(i)  Membership list shall be kept up to date by the Secretary and only members of the executive shall have the right to view or hold a copy of sepie.

(ii)  Any other person must first receive permission of the President to have possession of the membership list.



Dues to the Federation for active, associate or other classes of membership shall be determined from time to time by the executive of the Federation.

Dues are payable directly to the Federation by cheque or cash, and are payable thirty (30) days prior to the


(* Dues are tax deductible)

Offense against the Federation

Article VI

<>(A) Any member is guilty of an offense against the Federation who:

<>(i) Violates the Constitution

<>(ii) Obtains false membership

<>(iii) Institutes or urges Court action against the Federation or any of its memvers or executives pretaining to matters of the Federation,

<>(iv) Urges or advocates withdrawel of membership by others.

<>(v) Circulates, either verbally or otherwise, among the members false reports or misrepresentations concerning matters or members of the Federation,

<>(vi) Fraudulently recieves or misappropriates any property of the Federation.

<><>(vii) Uses without proper authority, the name of the Federation for Soliciting funds or advertising

<>(viii) Wrongfully interferes with an officer or accredited representive of the Federation in the discharge of their duties.

(B) Discipline Committee

(i) There shall be a Discipline Comm. xonsisting of. 5 members in good standing, one member of the exec., appointed by the office of the Pres. for a term of one (1) year at the first meeting.of the exec. after the annual meeting.

(ii) The Discipline Committee shall be empowered to investigate and rule upon all complaints (written) of offenses against the Constitution. Provided it is recieved within 90 days <D± the date when the offence occurred.

(iii) The Discipline Committe shall establish

its rules of procedures and its decisions on matters shall be final and not subject to appeal or review by a Court of Law or the Executive.

(iv) The Discipline Committee shall before finding upon any complaint, and after receiving all evidence, afford any member, whose act is complained of, the opportunity of being heard and presenting evidence in respect of the complaint.

(v) The discipline Committee may reprimand, fire or remove from office, suspend or expel any member who it rules has committed an offense against the constitution.  Penalties may be assessed in any combination.

(vi) The Committee shall deliver by registered mail its findings in writting, but shall in no event be required to supply reasons for its findings.

Annual Meeting

Article VII

(A) The Annual meeting of the Federation will be held every

2 years during the month of April


(B) The Annual meeting shall include at least:

1.  Election of officers

2. Committee Reports

3. Treasurer Report

4.  President Report

5.  Resolutions

but may also include:

1.  Reading of previous min.

2.  Unfinished business

3.  Tabling of correspondense

4. Complaints & Infringrments

5.  New business

<><>(C) The meeting shall follow Roberts Rules of Order


& Anmendinents

Article VIII


Not less than 90 days prior to the Federation Annual Meeting, antnendments to this constitution and by-laws may be proposedly any voting delegate or member or any Director by filing the same with the President. The President shall, not less than 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting, transmit copies of the proposed Ammendments to the voting delegates and to members of the Executive. These then shall be tabled at the Annual Meeting and if approved by a two-thirds of the voting delegate, shall become part of the by-laws.

Voting by Proxy

Article IX


(A) Voting by Proxy

Any duly authorized voting delegate may by

an instrument of proxy under his hand and seal

appoint another authorized roting delegate as

his proxy to act & vote on nis behalf or on behalt

of the member organization of which he is the duly

authorized voting delegate in tne same manner and

to the like effect and extent as such duly

authorized voting delegate could persona ily

present at any meeting for which said proxy

is expressed to be effective

<>(B) Proxy forms must contain

1. Members Name

2. Choixce of Proxy

3. Date of Meeting Effective

4. Members Signature



Proxy forms for the Annual Meeting must be approved by the ballotting committee 7 days before the Annual Meeting to be Valid.

Balloting Committee

Article X



The balloting Committee shall be comprized of:

1. ted. Pres.

2. The Secretary

3. An Vice Pres.

4. 1 member at large not on the Exec. Cotmittee.


It shall be the duty of tne Fed. Secretary to submit ail proxys to the Committee or balloting whose decision on their validity shall be final.

Executive Council

Article XI


1. The affairs of the Federation shall be conducted by the provincial Executive Council elected at the Annual Meeting and shall consist of:

(1) Honorary President (litetiiae)

(2) President

(3) Vice-president

(4) Immedicate Past-President

(5) Secretary

(6) Treasurer

(7) Honorary Director (Female)

(8) East Vice-president

(9) Central Vice-President (10) Western Vice-President

2. Directors shall consist of all Past— Presidents wno are stil! active in the N.L.W.F. or in affiliated Clubs or groups. The President, the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Eastern Vice-President, Central Vice-President, and Western Vice-President snail hold office for a period of two years or until tneir successors are elected; and they shall be eligable for re-election.


3. Expenses incurred by the Executive members snail be reimbursed by the Federation for Executive meetings, pending funds.

<>Duties of Offices

Article XII


1.Chief Ecec. & First Adminstrative officer of the Federation.

Shall call all meetings ofi tne Federation.

Shall appoint all committee chairmen

Snail be Ex-officer of all committees

Shall report on the administration of his oi-fice and tne ax fairs of tne Federation to tne Annual Metting

Have the deciding vote on any matter that ends in a tie.

Chair all meetings

Attend CWF meetings when required.

Vice President

2. The Vice-President, in the absence of the President, shall carry out tne duties of the President.

3. The Secretary shall keep a faithful record of proceedings of all meetings; carry on all necessary correspondance under the direction of the President, keeping a true copy thereof and give due and proper notice of all meetings.

4. The Treasurer will receive =dl monies and deposit the same to the cre±Lt of tne Federation in a Chartered Bank. All cheques for the payment of money must Joe signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President, or in nis absence, by either the Vice-President or Secretary. The Treasurer shall keep a concise account of all money received as well as amounts paid out, and shall report same to all regular meetings. The Treasurer shall deliver to the Executive Council an audited financial statement at least one week prior to the Annual Meeting.


5. The Directors shall do all in their power to assist the President in earring out the objectives of the Federation.

6. An audited financial statement of receipts and disbursements be submtted to the Annual Meet­ing of tne Federation.

7. The Treasurer shall ensure tnat in tne event of his death, resignation, retirement, or removal from office that all books, papers, vouchers, money and other property of wnatever kind under his control shall be returned to the Federation.


Article XIII

Affiliation fees for the members and clubs shall be left open and decided by the Executive. Some associations, ie: ORCA have a one time life fee of $1.00. Members can pay more if desired. Tax receipts can be issued to members or sponsors. Most Affiliated Clubs pay $1.00 per senior member of their membership.


Article XIV

1. The Federations shall work in close co­operation with the Provincial and Federal Governments Departments through the Provincial Executive Council.



Late filing

Minutes of Meeting

2." All resolutions and Recommendations ^25) twenty-five copies required, prepared by an individual member or individual Club or group shall be submitted by March 1, prior to the meeting.

3. Resolutions not presented in accordance with section 2 shall not be considered execpt by by consent of two-thirds of the voting delegates present.

4.It shall be the duty of the Federation President and the* Secretary to see that approved resolutions and all recommendations anre presented to the proper authorities.

5.  The Provincial Secretary shall forward a copy of the minutes of the Annual Meeting to individual Clubs or groups as soon as possible after the neeting.  Correspondance pertaining to such meetings or resolutions or recommendations can be held by request.


6. A bulletin outlining the activities of the Federation shall be forwarded to members, individual Clubs or groups on a regular basis; the number of which is to be decided by the Provincial Executive Council, providing that volunteer assistance and Funding is available.


Article XV

All committees shall be appointed by the President,
(i) Finance
(ii) Nominating
(iii) Ballotting
(iv) Any other deemed necessary


Article XVI

Five (5)  shall constitute a quorum for any annual meeting.

Quorum for Executive Council shall be 50% + 1 of all voting members of the Executive Council.

C.W.F. Directors

Article XVII

The voting Directors to the C.W..F. will be the President and ^ice-President, unless the Executive decides otherwise for a particular year.  This change would have to be in writing to the N.L.W.F. and the C.W.F. in the specified time required by the C.W.F. Constitution.

Directors at large

Article XVIII

Those individuals whose numbers shall not exceed seven (7) and who are not necessarily voting delegates of a voting member of an affiliated club, can be appointed by either the Executive or a majority vote at an AGM, after notifying voting members and affiliates 30 days in advance, and having received no adverse correspondence to the appointment ,shall be voting Directors at large of the federation. The executive holds the right to fill any vacancy on the Board of Directors, or not to fill any vacancy, as the Executive decides.

Oath of Office

Article    XIX


The oath of office shall take place in front of the Annual Meeting or President.

The newly elected member will take his place infront of the installing officer or President/ raise his right hand and repeat.

I _______________, do most sincerely promise upon my sacred honour that I will truly and faithfully, to the best of my ability, perform the duties of my office for the ensuring term, as prescribed in the Constitution of the N.L.W.F.  and as an officer, will, at all times endeavor, both by counsel and preserve the dignity of its session.

I further promise that at the close of my term, I will promptly deliver all monies, books, papers and other property of the Federation in my possession to the President.

Signature ___________________

Date ___________________


Article XX

If at any Annual Meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the Associaion shall be passed by a majority of the members present and entitled to vote thereon and such resolutions shall be confirmed at a Special General Meeting called for such purposes and held not less than one month or more than two months thereafter, by a resolution passed by a majority of three quarter of the members present and entitled to Vote thereon, the Executive Committee shall thereupon realize the property of the Association and after the sanction of a resolution the whole or any part of the property of the Association, subject to payment of liabilities thereof to any body corporate, competent to receive some.



<>1. A delegate is a paid up card earring member in good standing of the Federation.

2. A club delegate must be first approved by the Federation 7 days before the annual to be eligable to vote for that club.


3. Clubs will  pay  a  fee of  $   / 00  per Senior Member  per  year  to  remain  members of the Federation  in goodstanding. Qr at the discretion of the Executive, as some member clubs have no fee:

(A) If between annual meetings, the office of the President becomes vacant the Vice-President shall automatically become President.

5. Any other vacancies on the exec. shall be filled by an executive vote.

6. Any member of the executive who is absent from two consecutive meetings of the executive for reasons which the majority of the executives consider unsatisfactory, shall cease to be a member of the executive and that postion shall be filled as provided for in number 5 of the by-laws.

7. The executive shall meet not less than «t times a year in addition to the annual meeting.

8. Any 3 members of the executive may request a special executive meeting upon written request to the President, outlining reasons for such a request, 10 days.

9. A standing committee on Resolutions shall be appointed by the President 30 days after the Annual Meeting.  All proposed resolutions to the next Annual Meeting shall be forwared directly to the Committee.


10. Seven directors at large shall be elected from those present at the Annual Meeting. Members of the executive are not eligible for these positions.

11. Every member elected to the executive must take the oath of office or relinquich their position on the executive.

12. Dues and Fees of the Federation are due by the 1st of March each year.

13. Only members with one or more years service to the Federation shall be eligible for election to the executive of the Federation.

14. All executive members are required to report to the Sec. of the Federation 60 days before the annual meeting their activities of the previous year so they can be included in the Annual Report of the Federation to the members.

15. All statements to the public through the media must first pass an executive vote and come directly from the office of the President on matters concerning the Federation.


16. The Annual G- Behr award shall be decided upon by a committee set up for this sole purpose. This committee shall establish their own guidelines in accor­dance with Federation Policy already in place.

17. Vote count and any meeting shall include those present and approved proxy's.

18. Any committee chairmen may be removed from his position by a vote of 50% of the executive committee at which time reasons for doing so must be given to the person removed.

19. Any changes in address or phone number shall be submitted to the sec. of the Federation by the individual member not more than 30 days of the effective date of change.


20. Not less than 90 days prior to the Federation Annual Meeting, ammendments to this constitution and by-laws may be proposedly any voting delegate or member or any Director by filing the same with the President.  The President shall, not less than 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting, transmit copies of the proposed Ammendments to the voting delegates and to members of the Executive. These then shall be tabled at the Annual Meeting and if approved by a two-thirds of the voting delegate, shall become part of the by-laws.

21. Two Auditors will be appointed by the President at the Annual Meeting of the Council following the regular Annual Meeting of the Federation.  The Auditors shall make an annual audit of the finances of the Federation for the Annual Meeting and other audits as may be deemed necessary.  The Annual Audit shall be delivered to the President and any other audits shall be delivered as may be prescribed by the Executive Council. The Secretary and the Treasurer shall deliver all necessary books, papers, etc., to the Audit Committee at least two weeks before the Annual Meeting.