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   April 26, 2002     

        It seems apparent that an organization that represents 100,000 hunters and fishermen in Newfoundland and Labrador cannot have a voice in the management of the outdoors. Our government has seen fit not to have a representative from the Newfoundland and Labrador Wildlife Federation set on the board of this newly formed Legacy Nature Trust Fund. After the disbanding of the IFWAC committee, it was promised by Minister Alyward that all proponents with concerns for the management of our outdoors would have a voice.

        The N.L.W.F. is a legitimate organization, approximately 40 years old, that represents approximately 100,000 hunters and fishermen. Yet, up to this time, Mr. Alyward and now Minister Bettney has not seen it appropriate to appoint a member from N.L.W.F to this board. If you and your government can approve a $1,000,000 seed grant money, then I see no reason why a member of N.L.W.F. cannot set with the organization. This was public taxpayers’ dollars. If representatives of the Salmonid Council and Partridge Forever Society can have representation, then it makes absolutely no sense why a member from N.L.W.F. cannot have a voice at this table. If you do not choose a member to represent the N.L.W.F., then it has to be for pure political expediency. If that is the case Minister Bittney, then the resource management of this province is not very visible or tenable.

        It is also my understanding that this coming Spring, a proposal is forthcoming where we (the citizens) of this province will have to pay an additional $8.50 for a Turr License. This comes under the advisement of the current Legacy Trust Fund Board. Need I remind you Ms. Bittney that when we joined confederation in 1949, the Turr was not part of the Migratory Games Bird Act. Yet, under the leadership of Minister Alyward a Turr license was invoked. Turr hunters, this past year, were required to purchase a Migratory Game Bird License, without constitutional amendments to our Confederation Act and furthermore without public consultation. Now to add insult to injury, you are asking Turr hunters of this province to pay an additional $8.50 as a stamp, that will go to support a Legacy Trust Fund- a select group of individuals with their own agendas about the resource management in this province.  It seems apparent, Minister Bittney, that your government  has already allocated $1,000,000 of public funds, in addition, now you advocate charging Turr hunters of Newfoundland $8.50 for a STAMP to support an organizationin which there is no representation from the affected group. That is taxation without representation, and if you studied American History, you know the results. I believe that if we live in a democratic country, then I or someone I choose to represent me, should have a voice, on this Legacy Nature Trust Fund.

The Legacy Nature Trust
A Letter by Ward Samson, President.