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NLWF meeting with Minister Hunter Tootoo

The Newfoundland & Labrador Wildlife Federation ( NLWF ) had a meeting with Minister Hunter Tootoo here in St. John's 2 weeks ago. The NLWF had a good conversation with the minister and several NL MP's and made a presentation regarding the food fishery and salmon.

Be advised that the Minister listened and announced that changes will be made to the food fishery for this coming year. The NLWF and the Rural Rights & Boats Oweners have been dealing with this issue for over 20 years and it now appears that our efforts have paid off.

NLWF requested that we get equality with other Atlantic provinces and NLWF had also asked for an entended season, for safety reasons.

It will also be called a food fishery and not a recreational fishery, and this is in keeping with our 500 year old culture and heritage.

We are a people of the sea.

Rick Bouzan