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Outdoor Rights Legal Fund 

In 1992 a cod moratorium was imposed on citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador. In essence this not only closed down our commercial fishery, but the food fishery, as well. In the fifteen years since this moratorium we have had a sporadic food fishery but with many restrictions imposed, but those restrictions were not imposed on other citizens of Canada –namely tags.


On March 02, 2005, two months from now, two individuals will go before the courts for allegedly having cod in their boat without being tagged. Most people may not want to pay attention to this case, but I ask you to do so.  Why, you may ask?


 In Newfoundland, as a colony and as a nation, there existed a three-mile (headland-headland) exclusive fishing zone under the jurisdiction of Newfoundland government prior to confederation. Did we give this up when we joined Canada? The Newfoundland Act doesn’t indicate so; nor do any amendments since 1948 seem to indicate such. Therefore, it still exists. If it still exists then DFO has no jurisdiction to impose sanctions on fellow citizens of this province who wish to capture a cod for consumption.


The Newfoundland and Labrador Wildlife Federation is now sponsoring an Outdoor Rights Legal Fund to raise funds to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. The NLWF have appointed a seven-member board from across the province to administer this fund named: The Outdoor Rights Legal Fund. Although the impetus for this fund is the cod tag issue, the Board has also decided to broaden its mandate to be inclusive of all outdoor rights issues in this province. The Board recognizes that there are various issues concerning the erosion of our rights that must be addressed and because governments won’t address those types of concerns, they may find themselves in court.


Members of this Board are spread across the island and Labrador, an accountant and an auditor are also in place. If members of the public wish to donate, you can do so through the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union in any branch across the province. The NLWF will issue a receipt for donated funds. The Board members are in Hant’s Harbour, Heart’s Delight, Goose Bay, Grand Falls, Stephenville, Springdale, St.John’s and Main Brook. In the near future public meetings and other events are planned for your area. If you would like further details please call (709) 865- 4107 or email

If we want to maintain our rights and insure the sustainable management of our resources,we ask for you help.


Sincerely Yours


Ward Samson


Outdoor Rights Legal Fund:

"we have had a sporadic food fishery but with many restrictions imposed, but those restrictions were not imposed on other citizens of Canada"