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(Citizens Against Mandatory Permits)

   The citizens agains mandatory permits would ask you to take an active part in shaping legislation geared toward enforcing mandatory trail stickers on snowmobile trails that had historically been available to the public.

We encourage you to send a letter to premier Danny Williams or Roger Grimes - you may use the prepared form letter below.

Honourable Danny Williams

Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador

Confederation Building

St. John’s, Nl.


Dear Premier Williams:

On December 23, 2004 Bill 45 was passed under an evoked closure agenda promoted by your Minister Mr. Paul Shelly. Mr. Shelly had promised the people of this province that before any access fees would be invoked on the citizens of this province; there would be consultations with all user groups.

Furthermore, prior to election many of your cabinet ministers and you indicated that there would be no more access fees charged on the outdoors and that your government would enact an Outdoor Bill of Rights to protect individuals’ right to access the outdoors.

Bill 45 “ mandatory trail stickers” is an indication that your government does not intend to keep it’s word and you plan to manage access to the outdoors through fees and other hidden taxes.  This, Mr. Williams, is a broken promise on two specific outdoor issues. Are there more coming?

As the sender of this email, I request that you rescind Bill 45, until Mr. Shelly consults with all affected user groups and that during this legislative session you pass an Outdoor Bill of Rights.


Sincerely yours, (Your name and Email here)


Copy the form letter above, and paste it into your e-mail. Clicking the link below should open your default e-mail program.