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Newfoundland and Labrador Wildlife Federation
15 Conran Street, St. Johnís ,NL.
Rick Bouzan-President(709)364-8415

For many years, we have advocated against open-pen aquaculture, because we (NLWF) feel that escapees will have a detrimental affect on wild salmon stocks.

In the past years COSEWIC have declared the South Coast Salmon stocks threatened. The other Atlantic Salmon rivers in Nl. seem to be outside this designation. Yet, if we know from biological research done by DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) and ASF(Atlantic Salmon Federation) that all Atlantic salmon coming to Newfoundland and Labrador rivers swim through the Straits of Belle Isle first and then circle the island and go to Labrador. So, all Atlantic salmon that populate Eastern Newfoundland, the east side of the Great Northern Peninsula, the south coast and Labrador, swim pass those bays with open Ėpen aquaculture. From our research, we also know that escaped farm salmon can and will mate with wild salmon.

Again we (NLWF) have been saying for many years that open pen aquaculture must stop. We know that it is currently the economic driver of the South Coast of Newfoundland, but at what costs to wild Atlantic salmon.

Rick Bouzan